The Blankner Foundation

Members of the Bulldog Community,

Welcome to the Blankner Foundation portion of the Blankner website!  The Blankner School Foundation’s mission is to provide the financial resources necessary to deliver a high quality, world class educational experience for Blankner students. The Foundation believes that no Blankner teacher or student should lack the resources necessary to achieve this goal, regardless of public funding.

The Blankner School Foundation is an independent corporate entity separate and distinct from the Orange County Public School system. As such, it is governed by an independently elected Board of Directors. The Foundation’s Board works closely with Blankner’s administration and gives great deference to funding requests made by Blankner’s principal, teachers, and parents. Typically, the Foundation will only provide funding if there are no budgeted Orange County Public School funds available for the requested expenditure.

If you are interested in joining The Blankner School Foundation, please click on the link below for more information! Thank you.

Click here to check out the Blankner Foundation Website